Our Walk Through the Seasons Calendar 2024

Walk Through the Seasons Calendar

Walk the North Wales Coastal trails with our Walk Through the Seasons Calendar 2024 kindly produced by artist and author Sally Mills in aid of St Kentigern Hospice.

The calendar produced by artist and author Sally Mills, is a joint project with St Kentigern Hospice and can be found at our hospice, shops and our online shops – either via Vinted or eBay. Each month boasts a handpicked walk & guides you through all the wildelife you should see along the way. Make sure you tag us in your pictures and show us what you find each month with the hashtag #HikesWithTheHospice for a chance to win each month.  

From kingfishers to orchids, follow the nature trails for yourself to see an array of amazing flora and fauna. The Sally Mills calendar is a celebration of wildlife to get you outside and enjoy our wonderful local area. Perfect for any nature lover or those who just want enjoy the slightly wilder side of life for 2024.


EBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/355052246825

At the Hospice

Purchase in the foyer outside Caffi Cariad at St Kentigern Hospice, Upper Denbigh Rd, St Asaph LL17 0RS

At our Shops

To find your local St Kentigern Hospice shop see here: https://stkentigernhospice.org.uk/find-a-shop/

Walk Through the Seasons Calendar for October

About Sally Mills

With life bookended by a rural lifestyle, Sally now runs a small horticultural business in Somerset. This new aquaponic enterprise, was born and is driven by the ethos of health and sustainability. Semi-retired, Sally reaps the rewards of a committed and dedicated conservation career, giving time to reflect on her eclectic and privileged life. The natural world is now a hobby and she is in the perfect environment, with the desire and opportunity to share many of her unique wildlife experiences as an inspiration to write and illustrate.

Sally’s love of wildlife has always been an inspiration for her creative work. From rugged shags to cheeky puffins her sculptures are an epitome of her passion. Created from recycled timber and always from sustainable sources, her sculptures capture the ‘jiz’ of her subjects, bringing them to life through their character and pose. Her two dimensional work is portrayed through watercolour images and illustrations. A sketchbook in hand her rural surroundings are all she needs to fuel her creative drive as she remains constantly in awe of the beauty the natural world has to offer. For more information see here: https://www.somersetmacaw.com/about

Sally Mills is the Author of ‘Island to Island: From Somerset to Seychelles’, ‘Boomy the Bittern’, ‘Island to Island Photograph Collection’ and ‘Survival in the Seychelles’.

Island to Island: An illustrated narrative non-fiction novel, with wide appeal, for natural history/wildlife lovers, readers interested in conservation, travel and culture, or simply those looking for inspiration to explore a new challenge in life. A unique tale which shares the highs and lows of managing a nature reserve in paradise. 

Boomy the Bittern: An inspiring illustrated story, based on a family of bitterns whose ‘home’ is threatened by drainage, for children in their early years, with diverse application from an excellent teaching aid to a beautiful bedtime read.

‘Island to Island’ Photobook A collection of photographs: The pictures behind the story of ‘Island to Island’, vibrant and evocative images show a real behind the scenes depiction of remote island life on a small tropical island.

COMING SOON IN 2024-2025:  ‘Survival in the Seychelles’

The culinary challenge of living on a remote tropical island the size of 126 football pitches, with over a million seabirds. A unique portrayal of survival with limited resources, food supply and having wildlife for neighbours that would take the food off your plate in an instant. A fascinating insight into a rather unique adaptation of Creole cuisine.

If you would like to purchase one of Sally Mills’ books, see here https://www.waterstones.com/book/island-to-island/sally-mills/9781803780412