St Kentigern Hospice and Facebook

Action required: Please visit our relaunched Facebook profile and ‘Like’   The Hospice uses various social media outlets as our voice in the digital age. These are intended to inform and communicate the purpose of the Hospice and the activities our many supporters undertake. Primarily these have been:

  • Our webpage at
  • Twitter – where we can be found at @StKentigern and
  • Facebook – currently under the profile “Save St Kentigern Hospice in St Asaph”

This particular Facebook profile is very precious to us as it was used as a vehicle to raise public awareness of the funding plight facing the hospice in 2010 and represented part of a fantastic push for funds to enable the hospice to continue to deliver the services and support it does today. There are currently nearly 4,000 of our supporters who ‘like’ this page and receive updates from the hospice through it. We had hoped to retitle it simply “St Kentigern Hospice” to represent a simpler, focused and easily found profile on Facebook. However, the success of our page means, due to the rules of Facebook, we cannot change the name when we have this many supporters. It has been decided to re-launch our Facebook presence, under a new profile styled simply “St Kentigern Hospice”.  The existing profile will continue to exist and be updated alongside our new profile in the short to medium term but will remain live. This is where you can all help. Can we ask that those of you who currently ‘Like’ Save St Kentigern visit our new profile at ‘St Kentigern Hospice’ and ‘Like’ that also – we would hate to lose the number of supporters we currently hold and would like continue to build these numbers up. Even better, perhaps you could share this message and help us exceed our existing figures.