Wildlife photography on the ward

Karen Fitzsimmons, Staff Nurse at St Kentigern Hospice for the past 14 years, is a passionate wildlife photographer and has decorated the ward walls with her exceptional work.

During the pandemic, Karen decided to take her hobby more seriously and up her game from being what she describes as a ‘point and shoot’ photographer.

She walks the beautiful North Wales countryside and coastline and has the patience to wait hours for the perfect shot. And she gets it.

Much to the delight of patients, their families and the general public, Karen donated images for the 2023 calendars that we sold in the Preloved Warehouse and the retail shops.

A further 200 small photos are being sold in the In-patient Unit and at the new Meet and Greet desk at the entrance to Caffi Cariad.

Karen is generously donating 100% of the sales income to the hospice. 

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