Grow our Gardens Fundraising Update!

Another Milestone Reached

We are overjoyed to share that, thanks to your incredible generosity, we’ve reached almost £22,000 for our new garden project! Your support has been instrumental in making significant strides towards our vision.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished recently:

  • Accessible Pathways: We’ve successfully laid the new accessible paths, making the garden more welcoming and navigable for everyone. This has really helped shape the space and will now allow us to place kindly donated fixtures such as a beautiful summer house, mature trees and propograted plants and flowers.
  • Upcoming Additions: With the pathways complete, our next focus is on adding beautiful plants and essential fixtures to make sure this garden is able to offer the serene and beautiful space we set out to create for our patients, their families and the hospice staff.

What’s Next?

We are excited about the next phase of our project:

  • Planting and Landscaping: Our volunteers will soon start adding a variety of plants that will not only beautify the space but also attract more wildlife.
  • Garden Fixtures: We’re also planning to install seating areas, shade structures, and other features to create a comfortable and relaxing environment.

We couldn’t have made it this far without your help, and we’re so grateful for each and every contribution.

How You Can Continue to Support Us

Although we’ve made significant progress, there’s still more to do and we’re still aiming to raise just over £8,000 to make this possible. Here’s how you can help us continue our journey:

  • Donate: Every donation brings us closer to completing our garden project. Visit our Grow our Garden Fundraising page to contribute.
  • Spread the Word: Share this post with your network. Your support in raising awareness is invaluable.

Thank you for being a part of our community and helping us create a beautiful, accessible garden for all to enjoy. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow!

Warm regards, The What’s Growing On! Team